How Often Should You Repaint Your House?

How Often Should You Repaint Your House?

How Often Should You Repaint Your House?

If you’re planning to give your home an upgraded look, you’re probably looking for painters in Brisbane Southside. However, you’re also likely to wonder how often you should call them to repaint your exterior or interior.

When Should You Repaint Your Home?

Your exterior requires more frequent repainting due to its exposure to harsh weather and climate conditions. On the other hand, most homeowners only opt for house repaint to update the colour scheme of their interior and hide scuffs and damages.

Living Room

Families spend most of their time in the living room which makes it highly susceptible to damage especially if you have kids. While premium paint can generally last on a living room wall for a long time, protecting it from kids is still a challenge. That being said, it’s safe to say that you’ll need to repaint your living room from two to three years or when your kids can already recognise commands. This way you can stop them from colouring walls and damaging them.

Dining Room

If you only eat in your formal dining room during special occasions, then you probably don’t require frequent repainting. With this, you might only need professional painters in Brisbane to repaint your dining for five to seven years. In fact, maybe even more especially if you opt for premium quality paint and manage to maintain it.


The heat from the stove and food splashes while cooking can shorten the life span of paint in this area of the home. Steam, heat and varying temperatures can cause your paint to degrade faster than it should. For this reason, expect the paint to keep its appearance from two to three years. Moreover, since the kitchen is prone to splatters of different ingredients, opting for a satin or gloss finish wall is beneficial.


Due to the sun’s heat, the ceiling tends to turn yellow and affect the aesthetics of your home. Nevertheless, ceilings can still last up to 10 years.


Another area of the house that experiences significant temperature changes in the bathroom. Sadly, those warm long baths produce steam which can contribute to the fast deterioration of the paint. Fortunately, opting for gloss finish paint can help in prolonging the lifespan of your paint.


Depending on the home and the insulation of the room, a bedroom may not need to be painted as often as you think. As you only sleep in your bedroom, its paint can last five up to seven years.

Entryway and Hallways

Entryways and hallways are the areas of the home that usually have high foot traffic. Due to this reason, the walls will inevitably catch dents, scuffs and damage. So, to maintain the appearance of your home, opting for repainting is an effective solution.

If you’re ready to revamp your space with a professional painting finish, give our talented team at Signature Painters a call!
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