Increase the Value and Improve Livability in Your Queenslander with a Few Updates

Increase the Value and Improve Livability in Your Queenslander with a Few Updates
January 30, 2019 beth

Being an iconic form of Australian architecture, the Queenslander was developed in the 1940s and still lives on today. They originated from a style of home developed in India by British Army officers, designed with a raised floor for better cooling and pest reduction. This made it perfect for the tropical climate of Queensland and over the years the Queenslander evolved to be elevated up on tree stumps, to allow flood waters to flow underneath.

Queenslanders are part of Australian history and are still sought after even though many more, newer developments are popping up with more compact styles of living. By renovating and updating your Queenslander, you can not only make it more comfortable for you, but up its potential sale value.

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Repaint the Interior and Exterior

It goes without saying that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the curb appeal of your Queenslander. Think about keeping it fresh and bright on the outside, with complimentary colours on any window ledges and featured beams. Inside you can choose a colour palette that reflects your lifestyle and even get feature walls to make a statement. Consult with a skilled house painter in Brisbane, to guide you to the right colour scheme for your Queenslander.

Fix Up Any Damages

It can be easy to leave that hole in the fence, or rusted window lock but get on top of any repairs when you have the time. A small hole may lead onto a bigger hole and more costly repair if ignored. If you don’t have a fence, think of installing one as a fence will give the appearance of neatness and security.

Spend Time on the Garden

Neat bushes, a flourishing flower bed and lush trees, will have a big effect on the appearance of your Queenslander. Pull up any creeping weeds and turn over soil beds to spread nutrients around. Keeping up with a watering schedule is also important in Queensland due to the hot, long summers.

Remove Interior Walls to Open Up Living Space

Your Queenslander may of not been updated since it was built and opening up the rooms inside is a great way to modernise it. Knocking down a wall will give the feeling of more space, thus making it more appealing to families.

Install Modern Appliances, Fixtures and Fittings

Although you won’t want to get rid of your Queenslanders authentic look on the outside, the inside is a good place to modernise, to make it more appealing and easier to live in. Update all the appliances in the kitchen, install a new water filtration/heating system and add in a few trendy rugs and modern furniture pieces.

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