Queenslander Exterior Colour Schemes

Exterior colour schemes for Queenslander

Queenslander Exterior Colour Schemes

Looking to repaint your Queenslander in 2022? Signature Painters has rounded up our four favourite Queenslander exterior colour schemes, updated with the latest 2022 colour trends, to inspire you. When you’re ready to repaint your Queenslander, we’ll arrange a free Dulux Colour Consult and Colour Overlay with your full repaint. Our process will help you choose a colour you love that adds value to your property. And of course, we guarantee your home will be beautifully painted by our Signature Queenslander painting experts!

1. Neutral Queenslander Exterior Colour Schemes

Queenslander exterior colour schemes - cool grey

When it comes to Queenslander exterior colour schemes, people typically go with traditional schemes. These include whites, muted greys, soft biscuits and light neutrals with subtle green undertones. These colours add to the traditional aesthetic of Queenslanders.


Queenslander exterior colour schemes - warm grey

If you look at the 2022 colour forecasts by Dulux, Resene and others, you’ll see we’re now moving away from cool greys and whites. While these colours will remain popular due to their versatility and classic look, warmer and softer shades are replacing cooler ones.




Queenslander exterior colour scheme - warm greyQueenslander Exterior colour schemes - warm beige

The new warm greys and sandy beiges work perfectly as Queenslander exterior colour schemes on homes with natural stone or timber exterior elements. White or charcoal accents and trims complement warm neutral weatherboards and highlight the classic architectural details of a Queenslander.




2. ‘All White’ Queenslander Exterior Colour Schemes

Queenslander exterior colour schemes - all white

For a brighter traditional look, the all-white Queenslander exterior colour scheme is an eternal favourite. All-white schemes look best on Queenslanders with strong architectural lines or decorative features as these add texture. An all-white scheme can also soften and unify any pronounced features of your home and make the surrounding greenery stand out.


New Hamptons exterior colour schemes



In 2022, the traditional Hamptons ‘all-white’ aesthetic is still on trend, but the bright whites and strongly contrasting dark blues are moving to softer and warmer tones. The new Hamptons style is more visually calm and serene and looks great on Queenslanders.








Exterior colour schemes for Queenslanders are not limited to these traditional combinations.  Here are two schemes that are timeless, yet also bold and on-trend for 2022.

3. ‘Monochrome with Colour’ Queenslander Exterior Schemes

Black and white monochrome schemes are always in fashion. How we use these two colours changes, but there’s no doubt this classic partnership works beautifully for Queenslander exterior colour schemes.

Queenslander exterior colour schemes - dark grey

In recent years, black and white colour schemes featuring charcoal weatherboards have become a popular choice for Queenslanders and are a great foil for tropical greenery.

There’s also a whole new world of nearly-whites to create light monochrome schemes. If you’re picking out the trim on a Queenslander home with a darker or lighter colour, make sure it’s in the same tonal family as your weatherboards so the overall effect isn’t too busy.


Queenslander exterior door coloursMonochrome schemes provide the perfect backdrop for pops of colour. Vibrant accent colours add personality and emphasise details like the front door, trims and letterboxes. In 2022, accent colours are changing. Rather than aqua for example, the trend is to paint front doors terracotta, earthy red, gold or even lavender, the Pantone Colour of the Year.  If you’re using a burst of colour to stand out in your Queenslander’s exterior colour scheme, keep it to a small but strong element so it’s not overwhelming.

4. ‘Earthy’ Queenslander Exterior Colour Schemes:

Queenslander exterior colour schemes - earthy grey

A palette of grounded neutral tones inspired by nature works well as a Queenslander exterior colour scheme. Playing off the surrounding landscape of your home with earthy colours will give your home a natural, calming feel and help it sit comfortably in its natural surroundings.



Queenslander exterior colour schemes - smokey blue

Last decade, earthy exterior house colours took a back seat to cool greys and whites, but earthy tones are now back on the horizon. In 2022, the key is using the muddier versions of natural colours to give a more sophisticated look to your home’s exterior – think smokey blues, deep olives or muted sage greens rather than pastels.



Queenslander Exterior door coloursIn keeping with the earthy trend, tones of warm blush and terracotta are now featuring as trim and door options in Queenslander exterior colour schemes because they add an element of softness to the home.





Getting your exterior colour scheme right

We hope you’re inspired by our take on Dulux’s 2022 colour trends. However, it can be difficult to keep up with trends, so ultimately you should opt for a scheme you like that suits your house, taking into account the other factors that influence choice of paint colours for a Queenslander.

Before making any decisions, make sure you get a professional colour consult and colour overlay, get colour swatches and test sample pots on your home’s exterior. Signature Painters can help you with this process which is free with your full repaint.

Take a look at our approach to Queenslander painting and restoration, or simply contact Signature Painters today to book an appointment and start the journey towards the ideal Queenslander exterior colour scheme!

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