Queenslander Painting Challenges

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Queenslander Painting Challenges

Queenslander homes are treasured for their traditional beauty and classic appeal. With sprawling verandas, soaring ceilings and detailed timber work, these homes are well suited to Brisbane’s climate. However, it takes more than a coat or two of paint to restore these old charmers to their original glory.  As a specialist in Queenslander painting and restoration, we wanted to share these six Queenslander painting challenges to help you know what to expect from a good painter (and why a quality paint job is not cheap!).

Why are Queenslander painting challenges different?

When it comes to Queenslander painting challenges, the steps BEFORE painting begins are even more crucial than with other residential painting. To achieve the high-end finishes that you see on some of Brisbane’s most beautiful Queenslanders, your painting team must have both painting and restoration skills, plus loads of attention to detail. Here’s why.

1. Timber Damage

Queenslanders are prone to mould, rot and termite damage due to their age and timber construction. Some painting companies in Brisbane will expect you to carry out any repairs needed prior to their arrival. If you don’t, they’ll probably inform you of the need for additional works when they start, and postpone the job. Others will simply paint over damaged areas. This can cost you time and money, or worse, leave you with prematurely peeling paint in a year or two.

At Signature Painters, we offer restoration as well as painting services and have team members who are experienced in carpentry repairs. We inspect the property during the quoting stage to identify any areas needing repairs or extra surface preparation so we can provide an accurate cost estimate, and we will also repair or replace damaged timber ourselves before we begin painting.

2. Height and Roofing

The elevation of a Queenslander can pose a problem for painters who are poorly equipped or not used to working at heights.  Signature Painters’ industrial-grade access equipment means we can offer very cost-effective, safe and expert painting of high Queenslander ceilings, verandas and steeply pitched gables. With our skills and experience of working at heights, we can complete the job quickly and with precision.

Spring Hill Queenslander painting

During & After: Restoration and painting of a high-set Spring Hill Queenslander



3. Weatherboards

We’ve all seen beautiful old Queenslanders with weatherboards in desperate need of attention. Blistered weatherboards can be restored, but it is a labour-intensive task that cheaper Brisbane painters will often skimp on.

At Signature Painters, we’re passionate about restoring weatherboards. We typically use tungsten blades to ‘shave’ the loose paint off and ‘feather’ the transition between the bare timber and sound paint, followed by a thorough sand to create a smooth surface. We always thoroughly wash off all dust and grime, apply a solid undercoat, patch using the best fillers, then sand and re-undercoat – and this is all before we apply two full top-coats of a premium exterior paint!

4. Lead Paint

Many paints used before 1990 contained lead, so lead paint removal is a common part of Queenslander painting and restoration. Lead paint that is flaking or disturbed during renovations can cause serious health problems, particularly if the particles end up in your furniture or carpet. Safely removing lead paint requires using special equipment and following health and environmental guidelines.

At Signature Painters, we are fully insured and highly experienced when it comes to safe and effective lead-based paint removal. We have several safe removal options available and assess each project and its risks to offer you the best solution for your budget. We often recommend a paint shaving tool that is designed to remove multiple layers of paint in one fast, dust-free application.

5. Decorative Woodwork & VJs

A typical Queenslander features decorative fretwork, casement windows, picture rails, breezeways and VJs. All this woodwork is beautiful and adds to the heritage feel of a Queenslander, but takes time and experience to paint well.

Meticulous preparation is crucial – sanding, removing thick edges, washing down, undercoating, patching damage, filling cracks and gaps, and priming. Queenslanders also demand expert application of premium enamel paint using the right trade-quality brushes. Gaps between VJ boards need to be properly filled prior to painting with a filler that will flex, otherwise changes in weather will cause the paint to crack.

Queensland woodwork painting

Beautifully finished decorative woodwork and VJs in this Grange Queenslander


6. Colours and Finishes

Queenslander interiors are never short of beautiful details and distinctive characteristics. It can be hard to know whether to highlight the home’s features, celebrate its heritage or give it a more modern makeover. There are many things to consider. What colour and gloss level should you to paint the picture rails? Do the VJs need to be brushed or roll finished, gapped or left exposed?

With years of experience in Queenslander painting, Signature Painters can offer guidance on finishes. We also provide a free Dulux colour consultation and digital colour overlay so that the end result will reflect what you envisioned.

Quality Queenslander painting is worth it

Preparation creates the foundation that determines the life of your paintwork, so unless you are selling the house immediately, getting a painter to do this properly is definitely worth the higher price tag. A good Queenslander painting company will always warranty their work to give you the assurance of a long-lasting finish. You can also help extend the life of your paintwork by having your house washed once a year to minimise deterioration from grime and dirt build-up.

A Queenslander is truly transformed when painted professionally with the attention to detail it deserves. Just be sure your painter is up to the Queenslander painting challenges above and does not skimp on any of the steps. Then your property should look amazing for years!

At Signature Painters, we practice what we preach and warranty our residential workmanship for 8 years. We won Master Painters Awards in 2017 and 2021, including one for our stunning restoration of a Queenslander. View our Queenslander painting service, our Queenslander painting work or contact Signature Painters Cannon Hill for a free quote now.

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