House Painters East Brisbane

Signature Painters—Your Professional House Painters in East Brisbane

Our team of house painters in East Brisbane is committed to providing you with professional painting services and results that last for a long time. We have been serving the area for more than ten years and have successfully completed hundreds of residential projects. From large apartment complexes to Queenslander homes, our team is committed to ensuring that your dealings with us are smooth and hassle-free.

We are a family-owned business. John Campbell, the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the painting trade and knows what it takes to satisfy the requirements of our residential clients. As respected house painters in East Brisbane, our exceptional workmanship, quality products and effective communication enables us to deliver the beautiful results that customers expect.

Signature Painters—Interior House Painters in East Brisbane

Our interior house painters in East Brisbane can help breathe new life into your interiors. Work with us, and we’ll transform the appearance of your home while upping its value. We offer free colour consultations for interior and exterior full repaints to help you decide on a colour palette that enhances your home and reflects your personal style.

Referring clients to a digital overlay service is something we do as well. It allows you to see a digital version of your plans before you finalise them. In addition, our house painters in East Brisbane can paint a few sample colours on parts of your interiors, allowing you to look at a small section before painting your whole residence.

Prior to painting, our team meticulously prepares your residence. We start by looking at your timberwork and performing any needed repairs, then thoroughly sanding, filling and cleaning.

Your Preferred Exterior House Painters in East Brisbane

Our exterior house painters in East Brisbane have the experience to enhance the street appeal of your home. With a professionally painted exterior, you can increase the value of your property and protect it from the elements. In other words, a quality exterior paint job is a worthy investment that reduces the risk of costly repairs in the future.

Below is a quick guide to our exterior house painting process:

  • Visit your home to discuss your project and provide you with a quote.
  • Arrange a Dulux colour consultation and digital colour overlay if required.
  • Assess and repair of the surfaces to be painted.
  • Prepare all surfaces, including removing any lead-based paint and cleaning.
  • Take any extra steps to keep you, your property and your pets safe.
  • After the painting process, our East Brisbane house painting team inspects the exterior, rectifies any issues and applies the finishing touches.

Signature Painters is a trusted name with an enviable reputation in the industry. To ensure the quality of our work, completed residential projects come with an eight-year workmanship guarantee.

Let our team of house painters in East Brisbane transform your property. Contact Signature Painters for a quote today!