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Signature Painters – Trusted Brisbane Queenslander Painters

It takes a specialist painter to achieve the high-end finishes that you see on some of Brisbane’s most beautiful Queenslanders. Signature Painters has developed this expertise over 10 years. It’s what has made us trusted Brisbane Queenslander painters.

A Queenslander painting project requires precise planning to ensure that every aspect of the job is done correctly. It’s a huge project that starts with selecting the right colours for each part of the home, repairing defects and removing any old lead-based paint that’s toxic. The heritage features of Queenslanders require extra-careful attention during the painting process too.

Specialist Queenslander Restoration and Painting

What makes Queenslanders so appealing also makes them challenging to paint – their age and height, verandas and high ceilings, their window canopies and gables, decorative woodwork, picture rails, breezeways and VJ panelling. These classic timber homes have stood the test of time and need to be painted with the attention to detail they deserve.

As experienced Brisbane Queenslander Painters, the Signature team knows how to get these beautiful homes looking their best. We have both the restoration and painting skills needed, plus loads of experience and attention to detail. Using the right equipment, techniques and products, we’ve restored many Queenslanders to their original glory.

If you choose us as your Brisbane Queenslander painter, you can be assured your house will look amazing! Learn more about our Queenslander painting and renovation service.


How to Choose a Brisbane Queenslander Painter

Considering these questions will help you choose a good Queenslander painter.

  • Do they do timber and roof repairs prior to painting?  It’s more convenient and cost-effective if you don’t have to look for a separate contractor to fix defects first. Signature Painters has team members who are experienced in carpentry repairs, plastering, rendering and roofing so we can repair or replace any damage for you. When quoting, we will inspect your home and identify any areas needing repairs to give you an accurate cost estimate.
  • Can they safely remove lead paint?  Specialist Queenslander painters should be fully insured and highly experienced in lead-based paint removal. With several safe removal options available, Signature Painters assesses each project to offer customers the best solution for their budget.
  • How thorough is their preparation? Does the painter have a detailed preparation process for weatherboard restoration prior to painting? At Signature Painters, we typically shave any loose paint off, feather the transition between the bare timber and sound paint, sand thoroughly, wash off all dust and grime, apply a solid undercoat and patch using the best fillers – all this before we sand, re-undercoat and apply two full topcoats of a premium exterior paint!
  • How will your painter handle VJ panelling? Preparation of fretwork and VJs should be meticulous. Signature Painters’ preparation includes sanding, removing thick edges, washing down, undercoating, patching damage, filling cracks and gaps, and priming – as well as expert application of premium paint using the right trade-quality brushes.
  • Do they offer professional help to choose colours? Like other top Brisbane Queenslander painters, we offer a free Dulux colour consultation and digital colour overlay with full interior or exterior repaints so that the end result will reflect what you envisioned. We also provide practical guidance on colours and finishes such as matte or gloss, and brush or roll finishes.
  • Do they use the right products? As a specialist Queenslander painter, Signature use quality fillers and paints that are durable and flexible, to cope with Queensland’s climate and timber movement over time, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
  • Do they have good equipment & processes? Queenslander Painters should have the equipment and experience to work at height. Signature Painters naturally have these so we can offer cost-effective, safe and expert painting of elevated verandas, steeply pitched gables and high Queenslander ceilings.
  • Do they warranty their work? A warranty tells you the painter stands by the quality of their work.  Signature’s Queenslander workmanship is warrantied for 8 years, so you can be assured of a long-lasting, high-quality finish.
At Signature Painters, we handle every aspect of a Queenslander painting project to restore your home’s beauty and make the entire process hassle-free for you. If you’d like to know more about our approach to Queenslander painting and restoration, please see our blog on the Challenges of Queenslander Painting, our FAQs and Our Painting Process. Or, get in touch with us to discuss your painting project!