Best Ways to Add Value to a Queenslander

Best Ways to Add Value to a Queenslander

There are many changes that can add value to a Queenslander property, but most experts seem to agree on the top 5 ways to lift their value.

Even though newer Brisbane homes are lower-maintenance and purpose-built for modern living, the classic Queenslander remains highly sought after. Many Queenslanders have the bones, character and potential to be made-over for comfortable modern living. So what are the best and simplest ways to increase a Queenslander’s value and liveability?

1. Repaint the Interior and Exterior

Nothing transforms a home like a new coat of paint in fresh modern colours. Most real estate professionals agree that paint is the number one way to add value to a Queenslander. Repainting remains one of the easiest, fastest and highest value drivers of a property today. Fresh paint can do wonders for a Queenslander’s street appeal and transform its dated or worn interior. This investment alone can net you a huge return when it comes time to sell, provided you choose the right colours and get a top-quality job. It’s been said that whites and greys are the two colours that will add value to your home, but that’s not always the case. Consult with a Brisbane colour professional to guide you on the right colour scheme for your home.

Signature Painters, like some other top Brisbane painting companies, offer free colour consultations with full interior or exterior repaints. Plus, if you’ve been putting off carpentry or roofing repairs, we can also take care of those at the same time too.

2. Remove the Interior Walls to Open Up Living Space

Your Queenslander may have small boxy rooms and a floor plan that has not been updated since it was built. Opening up the inside is a great way to modernise it. Knocking down a wall or two will give the feeling of more space, make it more comfortable to live in and make it more visually appealing.

Renovated Queenslanders that have open plan kitchen/dining/living spaces continue to attract widespread demand and high prices. Removing non-load-bearing walls can be done with very little cost involved. Structural walls that support the roof should be taken out by a professional and will cost significantly more. Ensuring your Queenslander has consistent floorboards throughout the living areas will also create the perception of a much bigger house and increase its value.

3. Spend Time on Landscaping

Landscaping frames a property front and back, yet it is often neglected. Paying attention to garden design and maintenance can really pay off as you can do many of these updates yourself.

For the front, low-budget cosmetic changes such as adding garden beds, plants, bark or pebbles, installing grass and updating tired old driveways can radically improve your home’s curb appeal. First impressions count, so you may also want to invest in epoxy resurfacing for your driveway, as it will look good for much longer than paint or paving. Doing your driveway at the same time as your house repaint is a cost-effective option – just ask the team at Signature Painters for a quote.

At the rear of your Queenslander, it’s all about creating larger lawn spaces that allow kids to play, and providing privacy and shade where possible. Cut back unruly trees and bushes, install perimeter garden beds and plants, remove the Hills Hoist, and correct irregular fencing where needed.

4. Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Australians love cooking and dining outdoors, so it’s not surprising that an outdoor entertaining area really adds value to a Queenslander, whether it’s a timber deck or a paved space. Outdoor areas that can be used all year round have become social hubs for friends and family to relax together. They’re high on everyone’s wishlist.

The key is to match your outdoor entertaining area to the existing style of your Queenslander. Consider how you will use the area and the flow of traffic from the living, dining and kitchen to ensure a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. To minimise cost, try and work with what you’ve already got. The addition of a covered outdoor area can be expensive, although it can make a big difference to the home’s value by extending its square meterage seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors. This workers cottage covered deck is a perfect example.

5. Renovate Your Kitchen

Although you’ll want to retain your Queenslander’s authentic look, modernising the kitchen is another top way to increase its value and liveability. So how far should you go?

Experts recommend spending appropriately for the value of your home, and your kitchen’s age and condition. Invest in a bespoke kitchen for properties valued in the millions, and consider flatpacks from Ikea or Bunnings for more affordable properties.

Regardless of style, the top ways to increase a kitchen’s value are knocking down a wall if the kitchen is too small and separated from the rest of the house, adding a kitchen island, and extending storage from the floor to the ceiling. But if you’re not keen on remodelling, updating your fixtures and finishes is the next best thing. Think sprayed or new cupboard doors, new cabinet handles, taps, appliances, and a new benchtop or splashback in a contemporary colour.

Now is the time to add value to your Queenslander!

You can be comfortable knowing that these improvements will not over-capitalise your Queenslander property, especially when Brisbane property prices have gone through the roof and are not expected to go down any time soon. With inflation forecast, now is a good time to invest in renovations that add value to your Queenslander, as well as make it a more comfortable and beautiful home to live in. Painting is a great place to start!

Take a look at Signature Painters Queenslander painting and restoration service, then book a free quote and beat the new year rush!

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