The Right Colour Palette Will Transform Your Home

The Right Colour Palette Will Transform Your Home

Deciding on the ideal paint colour for each room of your home can take some time, but if you get it right it will transform the room’s energy, improve your mood and increase the market value if you ever wish to sell. Figuring out what is right for you can be a daunting task and unless you’re an interior designer with a keen eye for what goes together well, how on earth do you decide on the right colour scheme?

This is where colour forecasters come in, many of which are employed by top fashion and home brands to identify emerging trends around the world in culture, nature and design. Signature Painters offer a complimentary Dulux colour consultation service upon commissioning of your painting project. Before you have your colour consultation appointment, take a look at these top three colour palettes for 2018 recommended by the experts.

Taking inspiration from our tech obsessed culture, the connectivity colour palette includes soothing blues, deep purples and sun-kissed yellows. Marry these up with soft greys and crisp whites for modern sparks of colour that aren’t too fussy. Eye-catching but not offensive, these colours make a room feel welcoming and comfortable. Talk to Signature Painters about getting the connectivity colour palette in your home.

With minimalism still being a popular trend in the design world, it’s continually evolving. Previously limited to mostly cold tones, the trend is slowly opening up to warmer hues. Soft sandy browns, muted greys, soothing greens and hazy pinks thrown together will create a clean, serene look allowing you to have a calm oasis away from the noise of modern life. With these colours referencing healthy living and mindfulness, it’s a great palette to choose to relax and inspire. Ask your colour consultant about getting the sincerity colour palette.

Travel and connecting with new cultures is becoming more commonplace and the affinity colour palette is inspired by indigenous patterns and artisan crafts worldwide. The main palette contains rich indigo, attention grabbing fuchsia and a bed of grounding tans, browns and creams. The brighter tones against more muted ones, add a little adventure to your home without feeling too crazy. Fresh and fun, you can choose the affinity colour palette for your home, to make a bit of a statement but still have a homely vibe. Consult the best house painters in Brisbane – Signature Painters – about getting the affinity colour palette in your home.

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